Wharton Capital Limited holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL Number 471003) which was first obtained on 11 November 2015. Since then Wharton has established a registered managed investment scheme – CSEF Fund (ARSN 609 041 063) and an unregistered wholesale fund – the EAT Group Agri Fund. Wharton works with property development and real estate companies and agricultural businesses, connecting them to retail, wholesale and institutional investors in Australia and abroad.

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Wharton (WA) Pastoral Fund

Buy Zolpidem Tartrate Online In 2019, Wharton proudly announced a new investment opportunity to its investors - Wharton (WA) Pastoral Fund.

Buy Phentermine Online Wharton Capital Limited is the Trustee and responsible entity of the Wharton (WA) Pastoral Fund, starts offering this opportunity from 2019, via its Wharton (WA) Pastoral Fund for investors to gain exposure to the potential benefits of agricultural production, initially through beef cattle and sheep, followed by further value adding opportunities by building the components of a vertically integrated food business. Starting with cattle and sheep stations then adding feedlots, abattoirs, food processing, and export logistics, the long-term objective is to become a vertically integrated producer of food products.

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see Agriculture has long been a powerhouse of the Australian economy and as world demand for better diets and more protein increases, Australia is well placed to continue to expand into world markets. This is an opportunity for investors to invest in the current drought affected down cycle, to acquire an interest in four cattle and sheep production properties at the outset and with targeted additional investment in these properties. The current timing is also an opportunity in this industry as it continues to transform from undercapitalised, small family concerns to larger scale, well capitalised and professionally managed production units.

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